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Первый совместный продукт Андрея Парабеллума, Дена Кеннеди и 20 самых успешных нишевых инфобизнесменов мира

From: _Andrei Parabellum_

How To “Steal” $20-Million*
In ‘Best Business Strategies’
– Without A Gun.

Your invitation to eavesdrop on a behind closed doors, special meeting of Dan Kennedy’s most elite mastermind group, the GKIC Titanium Group, comprised of 20 leading experts in diverse fields, with advisory, coaching, consulting businesses generating yearly incomes upwards from $1-million to $20-million…and influencing more than 500,000 small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide.

*Each contributor here is paid no less than $1-million a year for their sage advice.

You’ll hear what they tell each other are THE most prized, most valuable, most powerful business strategies they utilize personally AND the best strategies they share with their constituencies. This incredible discussion gives you unprecedented insider’s insight into their businesses. Maybe more importantly, it takes you inside their thinking, their mindset. You’ll hear the discussion UN-edited, as it was recorded LIVE….unscripted,, unrehearsed. You’ll first meet each of these amazing entrepreneurs and hear them explain their backgrounds, businesses, and original discoveries of breakthrough marketing strategies that literally changed their own lives. You’ll also hear them describe THE best strategies they urge their own followers to embrace. You’ll be “in the room”, in some very rarified air!

The entire discussion is led by Dan Kennedy, a from-scratch multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur, celebrated business and marketing strategy advisor, one of the highest paid direct-response copywriters, and author of more than 20 books, including the popular “NO B.S.” series published by Entrepreneur Media, also the publisher of ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE. I’m never in a room with him that I don’t count as an enormously profitable time. You won’t be either!

Here’s just a sampling, in no particular order, of the explosive ideas and information to be had here….

  • THE BEST way to open closed or skeptical minds to a new and challenging idea
  • THE BEST price and profit strategies “that defy logic” & make fortunes
  • THE BEST “pregnant question” to ask yourself, to open more doors for customers, clients, patient and money to come to you through
  • THE BEST opportunity to “plug a hole in the money bucket” and capture sales you are most certainly sacrificing right now, maybe every day
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT “MAGIC NUMBERS” to manage marketing and sales with – that your bookkeeper, accountant, CPA or other ordinary bean-counters won’t and can’t tell you about
  • THE BIGGEST IMPEDIMENT to top success in marketing – and it is NOT what you’d think!
  • THE WORST DECISION you can make – overtly or subconsciously – for your customer
  • THE BEST OFFER many businesspeople and salespeople NEVER make (that can add to your bottom line in a very, very big way)
  • THE MOST COMMON FLAW in most business’ handling of interested prospective customers, clients or patients – fix THIS flaw and (a) watch sales soar, and (b) be able to invest more aggressively in new customer acquisition immediately
  • THE BEST STRATEGY for getting important centers-of-influence, other business owners, even arch rivals to promote you and your business – free!
  • THE “SELL IT BY ZEALOT” STRATEGY: How To INSPIRE Customers To Continually & Aggressively Recruit New Customers For You
  • THE SECRET “DEFIANCE” STRATEGY owned in common by virtually every super-achiever in every field & THE ONE THING TO STOP DOING in your business and your life
  • THE MOST SOPHISTICATED STRATEGY for squeezing the maximum “juice” (productivity and profits) from each and every separate step in your marketing process – THE SECRET OF ACTIVE COMPLIANCE
  • THE DUMBEST THINKING ABOUT MONEY & INVESTMENT that cripples and sabotages most business owners. Most just cannot get past this Mental Block. You can.
  • THE ONCE-A-YEAR QUESTION that could DOUBLE YOUR INCOME each and every year, year after year.
  • THE ONE THING TO FIND OUT FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS that can be worth a fortune! (Truth is, a lot of customer feedback is useless! But this One Big Thing is priceless!)
  • THE INCOME MULTIPLIER THINKING that frequently transforms ordinary businesses into one-of-a-kind, exceptionally profitable businesses.
  • THE WORST RESPONSE any advisor can ever hear from a business owner. If you dare think or utter these six words, you stop all innovation and advancement, dead
  • THE BEST STRATEGY IF “THE DOGS WON’T EAT THE DOG FOOD”. Sam Goldwyn of Goldwyn-Mayer said, “It’s an IMPOSSIBLE situation – but it has possibilities.” If you run up against a ‘fatal flaw’ in your product or service, here’s how to THINK, to fix it
  • “THE FIX-THE-BROKEN-BRIDGE” STRATEGY for better conversion and retention
  • THE BEST KIND OF INCOME – why you must create it – how it can be created in any business

Clearly, any ONE of these “gems” might unleash a new tidal wave of prosperity for you!

I named just 24. If each was worth just a thousand bucks to you – there’s $24,000.00 waiting for you. More likely, each is worth $10,000.00 to you. $240,000.00. One-quarter of a million dollars! Here for the taking.

Listen, I was in this room myself. I’m on the list of the Titanium participants you’re about to see. This place was ELECTRIC. Some good “can you top this?” kind of competition among great ‘n seasoned marketing minds. Now you’ll be in the room. And if you can come out the exit door and not have tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to go collect….new opportunities to exploit….well, head for the nearest hospital ‘cuz you just might be IN A COMA.

Now, here are the “wizards of moneymaking” you’ll hear revealing their best strategies in these remarkable recordings:

  • Dr. Tom Orent, the recognized leader in building strong, profitable dental practices.
  • Ron LeGrand, the “grandfather” of the independent real estate investor movement
  • Bill Gough, the leading marketing coach to the Allstate® insurance agent community
  • Craig Simpson, author of ‘The Direct Mail Solution’, and the go-to guy on direct-mail lists
  • Steve Adams, operator of 21 exceptionally successful retail stores, author, publisher
  • Jim Cavale & Forrest Walden, franchisors of Iron Tribe Fitness
  • Ben Glass, Great Legal Marketing, helping attorneys differentiate themselves in crowded, cluttered marketplaces with superior, information-based marketing
  • Curtis Dawn, home-based business expert
  • Mike Crow, leader of a nationwide network of home inspectors
  • Ron & Jill Wolforth, coaching exceptionally talented young baseball players and parents
  • Andy Mackensen, innovative developer/franchisor of “healthy vending” for schools, stores, gyms
  • Andrei Parabellum (from Russia), internet marketing champion
  • Robin Robbins, #1 technology/IT business marketing advisor — B2B marketing expert
  • Donna Krech, provider of complete marketing and business development systems, primarily in women focused health and wellness businesses
  • Lily Noon, publisher, online media publisher and event promoter of the #1 international celebrity-author in Feng Shui, and of other leading experts
  • Keith Lee, management systems coach – for hiring, training, managing and motivating high performance teams
  • Richard James, business/marketing automation specialist with emphasis on fully monetizing unconverted leads
  • Adams Hudson, newsletter marketing expert; publisher of exclusive customer newsletters for operators of heating/air conditioning and other home services businesses
  • Nelson Searcy, #1 coach to senior pastors and church leaders, on launching and growing successful churches
  • Chauncey Hutter Jr., leading marketing advisor to the tax preparation industry

These “one liners” definitely do NOT do these folks justice. Getting to brainstorm and share experiences with this bunch has been worth a fortune to me – and you getting to eavesdrop on our high speed, high level mastermind-style discussion of ‘best strategies’ can be worth a fortune to you, too.

And look at the INCREDIBLE DIVERSITY reflected in this roster – combined, these thought-leaders influence well over 500,000 entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers, service business operators, even pastors every year. You can’t find a type of business or moneymaking activity left untouched by this “league of extraordinary entrepreneurs”! Most, by the way, even have more than one business. Their experience is RICH. Their curiosity BOUNDLESS. Their invention and innovation BOLD. Their ability to IDENTIFY HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES for you, UNRIVALED. And, of course, they and this discussion are led by none other than Dan Kennedy, who has more than 20 years’ experience leading these kinds of groups and in drawing the best out of them. When you “step into THIS roundtable discussion, in THIS room”, you enter a unique powerhouse of critical and dynamic thinking devoted to one central, shared purpose: MAKING MONEY! – and helping and coaching others in doing the same. We are all about RESULTS that matter, that strengthen, that improve great business enterprises and their good service to others.

By the way, it requires about $30,000.00 and a certain level of success to be permitted to be in this group. But for us, the “time cost” is much more significant, as we must leave our homes and businesses and travel to Dan’s home-base, Cleveland, Ohio, three times a year and “camp out” and really WORK, long hours, too. We work on each others’ businesses. We work at mastermind-style problem-solving, opportunity-finding, and money-making. For your benefit, we invested an extra day, to participate in this special roundtable discussion of ‘Our Best Strategies’, recorded live. Each person in the group would bill their time for a consulting or coaching day at $10,000.00, $15,000.00, $20,000.00, some more – so were you to collect them and helm this same ‘Best Strategies’ discussion for yourself, it would easily cost you $200,000.00 to $400,000.00. I’m happy to tell you, I will hand it over to you “on a silver platter”, for a whole lot less!

I cannot imagine your curiosity about our wide-ranging, spontaneous ‘best strategies’ roundtable failing you or me. So, now is the time to get these mind-blowing audio recordings (raw and unedited!) along with printed, edited transcripts ready for your yellow hi-liter pen and margin notes and corner-folding, to mark the action items you will convert to cash!


Here’s how to get in on this opportunity:

How To Obtain
Your Mastermind-Eavesdrop Recordings Of
The ‘Best Strategies Ever’ Roundtable:

Visit Infoconference.ru and participate in this event at a VIP level.
Your copy will be waiting for you.

Or purchase it right here.

Would You Crawl Across Broken Glass On Naked Knees To Be A “Fly-Spy On The Wall” In This Meeting?

Many would. Many try, beg, cajole. But it’s never allowed.

But now, “the best of” this group, in a special “best strategies” discussion does have an open door. And you do not even need to book an airline flight and pack a bag. The eavesdrop opportunity comes to you. Which means you need not frantically scribble notes – you can listen more than once, to be certain nothing escapes you. You even get notes taken for you! (The edited transcripts).

There is – of course – one small “catch”. Dan Kennedy controls these recordings. He can shut down their distribution at any time, for any reason, with no notice whatsoever. He can put it all into the vault and even throw away the key if he wishes. And he is unpredictable. Famously arbitrary. As of now, only those of us in this group (and Dan) have the right to make these rare recordings available. And there’s no assurance that availability is open-ended. So you’d best ACT NOW to get this. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start converting these BEST Strategies to personal benefit.

One other thing. Do not make the mistake of thinking of this as the taping of either some ordinary seminar with “canned”, repetitively given presentations or as outright hokum; a staged, scripted, play-acted meeting just for recording purposes. We brought our brains. We worked without a safety net. There was no outline or script. Dan prodded us, and we “engaged” with him and each other in just the same way as all the other days of these top-level meetings. This is all REAL. Our focus was narrowed to ‘Best Strategies’, for OUR benefit as well as yours. It was a “bonus” for us, and as you’ll hear, we gained for our own purposes. You are eavesdropping on our honest and authentic thinking about our ‘Best Strategies’ discussed for our benefit. At the start, there are introductions just for your benefit. But after that, free-wheeling, far-reaching, and at times, amazing discussion.

C’mon. “Steal” the best of this group.

Andrei Parabellum

Don’t forget that these rare recordings can be taken off the market at any time.
Get them while you can!

Я уже отдал этот продукт своей профессиональной переводчице, и скоро все те, кому повезет приобрести этот продукт, получат бесплатно и его перевод.

И все, кто придет на ВИП день Инфоконференции в этом году, получат полную версию этой программы как подарок от меня и от Дена Кеннеди.

This informational letter is © 2013/KIC, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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